Hi there! I build high-performance web applications.

I'm an Aussie web developer based in Brisbane. I have a Software Engineering degree, and more importantly, about 10 years of industry experience.

I specialise in CoffeeScript & NodeJS development, but also have experience with a wide range of technologies , and always love to learn new ones.

Links to Github and Stackoverflow profiles below. To contact, please email me.

Update March 2015: Please note I am not currently taking on any contract work.

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I love learning new technologies and programming languages. However, these ones are my favourites, and the ones I consider myself most skilled with. Left to my own devices, I will usually choose these technologies for new projects:

  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • NodeJS & NPM
  • Express, Socket IO, Browserify, Jade
  • AngularJS / Backbone & Underscore JS / Lodash
  • D3
  • Grunt / Gulp
  • Git, Gitflow, Semantic Versioning
  • Mocha, Should, JSDom, Phantom
  • jQuery
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • Vagrant
  • Stylus
  • Bash

Software/Sites I couldn't live without:

  • Google Chrome, & Canary
  • Google Apps (Search, Mail, Drive, Maps, Calendar)
  • Sublime Text, vim
  • Github, Bitbucket, tig
  • Spotify
  • Stack Overflow
  • Trello
  • OSX
  • Android

Technologies which I have plenty of experience with (+5 years), but am not currently using:

  • PHP 5.3, Symfony, Doctrine, Zend Framework
  • MySQL & Navicat
  • Apache
  • ASP .NET (C#)
  • Microsoft Windows, IIS, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2010
  • Mercurial (HG), Subversion (SVN)
  • Java & JSP
  • Photoshop, Gimp
  • Google Maps API
  • Fogbugz, Kiln, JIRA, Bitbucket
  • Heroku, Appfog, cPanel, WHM, Nodejitsu

Have mucked around with:

  • React JS
  • Harmony / ECMAScript6
  • Meteor, Sails, Brunch, Marionette
  • PhoneGap / Cordova

Looking forward to experimenting with:

  • PHP5.5, Symfony2, Composer, Lavarel
  • Docker / Dokku / Digital Ocean
  • Swift, Go


Prior to 2010 I worked for an agency, so I can't claim any of their sites or apps as purely my own work. Head over to kintek.com.au to see the sites we developed as a team between 2006 and 2010. My main role was backend and frontend programming, so I also can't take any credit for any of their beautiful designs! =)

Let's get to know each other

As do most people, I love music. Rock, Folk, Roots, Reggae, Dub, Drum n Bass, Breakbeats, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Classical.... soooo much good music in the world, and not nearly enough time to listen to it all. If I can wear a pair of good headphones while working, I'm a happy man. Festivals and concerts are definitely my social outing of choice.

Travel is another of my passions. So far I've had the good fortune to see a bit of South East Asia, Europe, the United States, Fiji, and a lot of Australia.

Being a self confessed nerd, I read a lot. Mostly science novels - both fiction and non-fiction. I'm particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence, Human Consciousness, Evolution and Information Security.

What else? Espresso, red wine, IPA, friends, family, nature, cooking, cycling, sleeping, hanging out with my dog, watching "The Wire". Usual stuff.

Just don't ask me about sport. I have trouble describing the difference between cricket and football. Subjects that leave me equally perplexed are politics, finance, Twitter and current-affair tv shows.

Code Samples

See below for publicly accessible code snippets (gists).

More comprehensive or specific code samples can be provided on request.